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Atopicontrol body care lotion - Eucerin

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    Eucerin Atopicontrol body care lotion 400ml
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Eucerin - Atopicontrol body care lotion 400ml

Eucerin - Atopicontrol loción




Eucerin AtopiControl Body Lotion is particularly indicated for the relief of the discomfort caused by Atopic Dermatitis in the body.

A water-in-oil lotion that moisturizes  and reduces the roughness of the atopic skin, with easy and rapid absorption.

With regular application, itching and tension are alleviated, the skin becomes softer and noticeably smoother!

Its formula combines Omega-6 fatty acids (Evening Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil) and the calming Licochalcone A (an extract from licorice root) to restore the skin, helping to restore its natural barrier and make it more resistent.

The formula of water-in-oil does not contain perfume parabens and to minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergy.

How to use






Apply once or twice a day, or as often as you feel necessary.


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