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Ginseng super serum + peptides - Erborian

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    Erborian Ginseng super serum 30ml
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Erborian - Ginseng super serum 30ml

Ginseng super serum - Erborian

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Ginseng Super Serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin thanks to its smoothing and tensing effects, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

An ultra sensory texture that wraps the skin in a cocoon of well-being!

THE SUPER-INGREDIENT: Ginseng [Panax Ginseng Root Extract]

The association of a White GinsengComplex with Fermented Red Ginseng Extract helps fight the signs of aging. The white ginseng complex helps soften and firm the skin. Recognized for its excellence: in Asia, Ginseng is considered the most valuable plant and has been used for several thousand years to improve the quality of life. Erborian uses Korean Ginseng, which has the highest concentration of active molecules among all varieties of Ginseng and is harvested at 6 years of age when it reaches its highest concentration of active molecules.


Peptides help to smooth and improve the skin's texture, making it firmer and more elastic.


The formula is further enriched with a prebiotic that helps maintain the balance of the skin and thus preserve its hydration.

How to use






Apply all over the face before your usual cream


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