Ginseng Royal Deep Wrinkles and Firming Regeneration Cream Supreme - Erborian

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    Erborian Ginseng Royal Regeneration Cream Supreme  50 mL
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Erborian - Ginseng Royal Regeneration Cream Supreme 50 mL

Ginseng Royal - Erborian

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Supreme Regeneration cream with Korean medicinal plants high concentration.

A jewel of longevity, Ginseng Royal is the Supreme cream for devitalized skins.

A real "youth cure" for the skin

This cream, prepared with the highest Korean technology, combines a plant concentrate which includes the precious Korean's six years red ginseng, prepared in a highly technological formula.

Its unique and patented formula, combined with a "essence-cream" texture divinely rich and light at the same time, rebuilds and renews the skin in a supreme way in the morning and evening.

Your skin is regenerated in depth, smoother, denser, brighter, visibly rejuvenated!

Ginseng Royal, is the first European representative of a new trend: the essence-creams.

Ultra-flowing and ultra-rich textures, this wonder of latest technology and design, penetrates immediately and fully on the skin, in order to develop an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle action without precedents.

Global anti-aging treatment:

  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-age - the skin becomes smoother, like "rested";
  • Anti-sagging - immediate toning and micro-lifting effect;
  • Redensificante Effect - returns the skin to its natural elasticity;
  • Toning and anti-fatigue effect.

How to use





Apply in the morning and/or at evening on previously cleaned skin.


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