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Tensage firming regeneration serum - Endocare

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    Endocare Tensage firming regeneration serum 30ml
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Endocare - Tensage firming regeneration serum 30ml

Endocare - Tensage serum regenerador reafirmante





Mature skin?  this serum is for you ...

A serum with a high concentration of actives, rapid absorption and for all skin types.

It's indicated for mature skin, flabby, aging (photo-aging), hyperpigmented and without light.

Repairs face and neck skin in depth, significantly improving firmness and brightness!!!

It's a nutri repair serum with tensor effect, formulated with:


  • 15% of SCA, natural activator of skin regeneration, with reparative and antioxidant properties;
  • Tensderm (soy peptides and calcium) an active ingredient with powerful tensor effect;
  • Despigmentants assets complex , antioxidants and moisturizers, for a stronger anti-aging action;
  • Nicotinamide - disguises and helps clarify small spots, provide an uniform and flawless skin .

A unique formula, which creates a 3D network that will release moisturizing and nourishing actives, helping in the skins rejuvenation.

This serum is rated 15 in the SCA Repair Index.

How to use





Shake well before use.

Apply 4-5 drops on clean skin of the face and neck, preferably at night.

Complement with the application of your moisturizer/usual nourishing cream.
We recommend the combined use with Endocare Cream Tensor for enhanced results.


Tensage line from Endocare is indicated for mature skin. Light nursing, rich and velvety texture, with powerful tensor effect.
Improves firmness and preserves skin elasticity, reducing visible signs of aging.


Endocare, clinically advanced natural skin regeneration

last update: 04 February 2020

Endocare, clinically advanced natural skin regeneration
A line of products to combat skin photoaging and dedicated to facial rejuvenation!
Skin aging

last update: 16 May 2016

Skin aging
The wrinkles are more evident expression of effects of aging on the skin. Find out all about them and about aging.

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