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Ceramide vitamin c capsules radiance serum - Elizabeth Arden

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    Elizabeth Arden Ceramide vitamin c capsules radiance serum 60caps.
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Elizabeth Arden - Ceramide vitamin c capsules radiance serum 60caps.

Vitamin c ceramide capsules radiance renewal serum - Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden


Instant luminosity concentrated in a capsule!

Ceramide Vitamin C Serum luminosity renewal combines the power of vitamin C with ceramides, for an effective anti-ageing care.

Vitamin C is combined with ceramides for a better result!

A dry-oil serum with lightweight and luxurious texture that combines 2 powerful ingredients: Vitamin C and Ceramides!

As a result:

  • skin more luminous;
  • uniform complexion;
  • appearance of stains and pigmentation is minimized;
  • face skin is protected from free radicals that usually contributing to an accelerated skin-ageing;
  • natural skin collagen and elastin are reinforced;

The formula is encapsulated so that it retains all properties for a maximum efficiency. It also allows for easier transport and exactly amount application.

Each capsule is biodegradable, without fragrance, without conservatives and it was created to provide a concentrated dose of hydrating activator serum following the latest ceramide innovations.

How to use

Elizabeth Arden




To open the capsule: Gently rotate the twist tab around twice and squeeze into the palms.

To use: heat the product between the palms and apply to the face. Use the excess of product on neck and décolleté.

Adjust as required. Apply in the morning and/or evening before the usual moisturizer.


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