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Fitness Gel - E'lifexir

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    Elifexir Fitness Gel 200 mL
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E'lifexir - Fitness Gel 200 mL

Fitness - E'lifexir

expected delivery 27 May - 31 May


Fitness gel with toning action!

Defines & Tones the skin!

Sedentary life and the passing of the years cause fat to accumulate in areas such as the arms and waist.  Collagen and elastin fibers from the skin are damaged and sagging.

Formulated with green coffee and yerba mate that help burn fats and Centella asiatica extractand C.P. Carnitine that redefines the silhouette and tones while enhancing the combustion of fats.

Boosts the effects of sport and reduces sagging and stretch marks!

How to use






Apply this gel before exercising, in order to enhance its effects or after bathing on the treated areas.


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