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Remodeling Bust Serum - Elancyl

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    Elancyl Bust-Firming Serum 50 mL
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Elancyl - Bust-Firming Serum 50 mL

Sérum Fermeté Buste - Elancyl

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Bust-firming serum, thanks to its complex of firming, tensioners and anti-oxidant active ingredients, remodels, protects and daily smoothes the skin.

With a mild and delicately scented texture, enriched in nourishing sweet almond oil, this care daily applies in the breasts, neck and neckline.

Your skin gets immediate firmness and smoothness, your bust is progressively restructured and refurbished.

Its restorative deep action, prevents the skin relaxation!

Particularly recommended after a pregnancy, since the end of breastfeeding, or after a sudden weight loss...

Precursor of Vitamin E - prevents relaxation of the tissue
Elastin + Fibrillin - firmness and tissue restructuring
Alginate PG - clamping action to the surface
Moisturizing and nourishing complex.

How to use





Use by morning on clean, dry skin for 3 weeks.
Gently apply two doses in each breast (avoiding the nipple) and then on the neck and neckline with gentle massages.


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