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Grape power dynamic day emulsion - Dvine

Discontinued Product.
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DVINE Grape power dynamic day emulsion

An anti-aging care with a fluid, moisturizing and mattifying texture, especially suitable for normal to combination skins, with tendency to oily and stains/spots.

Absorbs excess sebum production and excess shine of the oily or unbalanced skin and helps reduce hyperpigmentation and the appearance of brown spots

Developed with a delicate combination of Bio grape oil extract, white mulberry andVerbascum thapsus flower.

It helps control the excessive production of melanin, with antioxidant and enlightening action!

Specifically developed for skins with blemishes as actinic aging signal (caused by the sun) or premature,

Sunscreens help to protect the skin but this this care still requires the use of appropriate sunscreen.

A exceptionally divine care, which gives the skin a porcelain look.


How to use





Apply by morning on clean and toned skin.

Use an appropriate sunscreen.

In the more mature skins, apply the serum before the emulsion.

Light Harvest line

A line of essential products focused on the inner skin radiance, that combines exceptional grape derivatives with a powerful combination of natural extracts.
Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize!


Dvine, from portugal to the world!
Dvine, from portugal to the world!
Dvine, the portuguese brand of fusion cosmetic has been gaining fans not only in Portugal but a little all over the world . Get to know the opinions of our dear bloggers !
Dvine, fusion cosmetic
Dvine, fusion cosmetic
A new concept of premium cosmetic has arrived to sweetcare . Dvine is the new Portuguese luxury brand wich , combines in a single product , the advantages of classical cosmetics and cosmetic Bio .

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