Squanorm Shampoo Dry Dandruff - Ducray

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    Ducray Squanorm Shampoo Dry Dandruff  200 mL
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Ducray - Squanorm Shampoo Dry Dandruff 200 mL

Squanorm Shampooing Pellicules Sèches - Ducray

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Creamy texture, easy application.

Eliminates dandruff (94%), moisturizes the scalp (100%), scalp more comfortable (100%).

Anti-dandruff specific active ingredients (Selenium disulphide micronized and Ictiol) with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory action, reducing irritation and itching.


How to use






Apply to wet scalp and rinse. Renew the application, leaving during 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

The use must be repeated 2 times a week for 6 weeks.

Dandruff conditions - Squanorm - Ducray

Dandruff is a sign of inflammation of the scalp (by Malassezia fungus) where is observed an accelerated cells renewal and scalp peeling that form unsightly flakes.

Stress, pollution, hormonal changes and some drug treatments, the use of inappropriate hair products, are some factors that can encourage the emergence of these flakes.

Squanorm is an adapted care that contributes to a healthy scalp. Formula with Kertyol® and Serenoa serrulata extract.


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