Ictyane Ulra-Rich Dermatological Barpain - Ducray

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    Ducray Ictyane Ulra-Rich Dermatological Barpain  100 g
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Ducray - Ictyane Ulra-Rich Dermatological Barpain 100 g

Ictyane Pain Dermatologique Surgras - Ducray

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Cleans without assaulting and prevents skin dryness.

Skin soft and hydrated (100%), pleasant fragrance (100%) and creamy foam (94%).

Contains vaseline and glycerin (moisturizer) and shea butter (nourishing) on the basis of mild soap-free washing, leaving the skin nourished, moisturized and soft.

Daily hygiene care of face and body dry and fragile skin.

How to use





Apply on wet skin. Emulsify and rinse.

Dry skin - Ictyane - Ducray

Dry skin is characterized by a loss of elasticity and softness that affects skin role as a protective barrier. Is mainly caused by external aggressions (climatic changes, frequent washings,...) and age that is associated with an increased loss of water. Daily hydration is so essential, correcting and preventing skin dryness. The feeling of discomfort (irritation, twitch,...) is attenuated.


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