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Sensinol shampoo sensitive scalp - Ducray

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    Ducray Sensinol shampoo sensitive scalp 200ml
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Ducray - Sensinol shampoo sensitive scalp 200ml

Sensinol shampooing traitant physioprotecteur - Ducray

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Calms itching and returns scalp comfort.

Scalp softening, even the most sensitive!

Hypoallergenic formula without coloring agents, preservatives, fragrance or alcohol. High tolerance of all hair types, even the most sensitives.

Contains Polidocanol that re-balances and pacifies the scalp. 

How to use





Apply in wet scalp, gently massage and rinse. Renew the application and leave for a few minutes.

Use whenever necessary.

Sensitive scalp - Sensinol - Ducray

Sensitive scalp affects an high number of people and it is defined by itch, bite, twitch and burn sensation, pain. There are several factors that can trigger these sympotms like dry air, heat or cold, pollution, stress, food shortage and also inadequate shampoos. 

There are essential gestures to effectively take care of the scalp.


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