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Kelual Ds Shampoo - Ducray

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    Ducray Kelual Ds Shampoo Seborrheic Dermatitis 100 mL
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Ducray - Kelual Ds Shampoo Seborrheic Dermatitis 100 mL

Kelual Ds Shampooing Traitant Squamoréducteur Anti-Récidive - Ducray

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Especially suitable in moderate to severe seborrheic dermatitis.

Flakes decrease (100%), erythema attenuation (100%) and pruritus mitigation (94%).

Kelual DS shampoo associates antifungal action of Ciclopirox olamine and  Zinc pyrithione with gentle exfoliating effect of Keluamide.

Destroys fungi that cause seborrhoeic dermatitis, eliminates flakes and soothes scalp itching and redness.

Kelual DS shampoo prevents relapses.

How to use





Apply, massage the scalp and rinse. Renew the application, leaving during 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Treatment: 3 times a week, 2 weeks

Maintenance: 1 time a week

Seborrhoeic dermatitis-Kelual-Ducray

Seborrhoeic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by increased sebum production by sebaceous glands (scalp, face,...) and by the presence of Malassezia fungi.

Manifests itself in the scalp usually through oily flakes, yellow, that overlap in red plates and are usually accompanied by itching. These manifestations are intermittent, alternating between periods of remission (usual manifestations are not observed) and active periods of illness.


Seborrheic Dermatitis
Seborrheic Dermatitis
We explain you what causes this pathology, also called dandruff and cradle cap, and what precautions should be taken to prevent and treat its symptoms.

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