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Anacaps progressiv food supplement for chronic hair loss - Ducray

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    Ducray Anacaps progressiv food supplement for chronic hair loss 30 capsules
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Ducray - Anacaps progressiv food supplement for chronic hair loss 30 capsules

Anacaps progressiv - Ducray

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The Anacaps reactiv food suplement for reactional hair loss is a supplementcomposed by cysteine ​​and methionine, that increments capillary resistance, and stimulate hair growth. This supplement provides vitamin B8 to the hair bulb, for a healthy hair and Vitamin B6 which facilitates the synthesis of cysteine. Vitamin B3 in association with Iron, soften the signs of fatigue, and Vitamin E, has an antioxidant action that protects cells against oxidative stress.

Provides to the hair bulb and to the nail matrix, all the essential nutrients to help regain strength and vitality.

The importance of iron in hair growth!
Iron is an essential nutrient to the cell's metabolism and keratin's synthesis, essential for cell proliferation of the hair follicle for hair growth stimulation. Scientific studies show that the lack of iron is evident in alopecia states, so Ducray included in the formulation of Anacaps reactiv, the Iron to 14mg (100% RDA) in order to compensate for possible nutritional deficiencies.

Chocolate, an incentive!
Bearing in mind the difficulty in swallowing and difficulty in continuing the treatment for hairloss and devitalized nails, the Ducray created the Anacaps reactiv capsules with chocolate aroma in order to encourage the compliance with treatment.


The hair becomes more vigorous and shiny!!!

How to Use






Take one capsule per day, by morning, with a glass of water.

Hair loss - Anacaps - Ducray

The hair's vitality can be conditioned by occasional factors, such as seasonal variations, stress, fatigue, eating disorders, pregnancy, emotional shock, among many others, and chronic, vascular or hormona factorsl, associated to family history, whose evolution is progressive or manifests itself in the form of repeated episodes. However, in some circumstances, hair loss can be quite significant becoming imperative a fast acting and to adopt proper and efficient care.


The solution to your hair loss
The solution to your hair loss
Hair loss can have various causes, internal or external, it can be occasional or chronic and can even develop differently in men and women. Learn all the Ducray tips and solutions to prevent and treat your hair loss!

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