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Le micro-serum de rose for eyes - Dior

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    Dior Le micro-serum de rose for eyes 15ml
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Dior - Le micro-serum de rose for eyes 15ml

Dior - Le micro-serum de rose yeux




Le micro-serum rose for eyes energizes and illuminates the eye contour!

An energized eye countour are with less puffiness and less dark circles!

The power of the micronutrients of the rose are combined with the exclusive applicator with 10 rotating ceramic micro-beads, provides a more energized and brighter look with less puffiness!

The gel-serum texture is enriched with Granville Rose micro-nutrients, providing an intense luminosity for a refreshing look and strengthened, nourished and energized eye area contours!

How to use






Decongestant effect: with eyes closed, press on the tupe to get a drop of serum and smooth along the lower eyelid in back-and-forth motions, from the temples to the inner corner of the eye.

ERevive and soothe effect: with the applicator gently pressing in the inner corner  of the eyes. Glide gently through the upper eyelid as desired. Finish with circular movements from the outer corner of the eye to the temples.

Illuminating effect: from the inner corner of the eyes, to stretching the eyebrow upwards. Prolong movement in the lower eyelid. Repeat three times.


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