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Atopic lotion emollient and moisturizing - Dermacare

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    Dermacare Atopic lotion emollient and moisturizing 500ml
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Dermacare - Atopic lotion emollient and moisturizing 500ml

Dermacare - Atopic lotion loción emoliente e hidratante




The Atopic lotion emollient and moisturizing is a fluid emulsion directed to the daily care of atopic skin from the children and the adult; which has the most effective active ingredients to combat the most frequent signs of atopic skin.

Although it is aimed at the driest skins, this product has a light texture that is easy to apply and provides a quick absorption; fusing with the skin.

An instant comfort sensation!

This lotion has an innovative formula developed by dermatologists; which contains the following active ingredients:

  • Pro-Filaggrin Complex, an exclusive complex of active ingredients; which is able to repair and maintain the skin barrier function;
  • 3% Polidocanol + 5% Urea, ingredients that relieve skin pruritus, thus avoiding the scratching and rubbing that may aggravate lesions;
  • Glycyrrhizinate Dipotassium and Xylitol: capable of protecting the skin from bacterial colonization;
  • Combination of humectants and emollients, essentials to retain water at the surface of the skin.


Free from perfume.

Tested on sensitive and atopic skin.

How to Use






Apply to clean and dry skin twice to 3 times a day.


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