Sebo Correcteur Oil Control Shampoo for Oily Hair - Dercos

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    Dercos Sebo Correcteur Oil Control Treatment Shampoo  200 mL
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Dercos - Sebo Correcteur Oil Control Treatment Shampoo 200 mL

Sebo Correcteur Shampooing Traitant Cheveux Gras - Dercos

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The sebum secretion produced by the sebaceous gland is regulated by androgens, and the overproduction of sebum is related to puberty and periods of hormonal change such as pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

The environmental assaults also unbalance the scalp and can amplify seborrhoea.

In order to control the disorders that excess sebum production leads to the scalp, Dercos developed Dercos Shampoo Sebum-regulator.

Slows the oiliness and cleanses the scalp!
Hair lighter and easy to manage

With unique anti-sebo complex, which limits the migration of sebum by the capillary fiber and preserves the integrity of the scalp.

Formulated without parabens and no silicones, is ideal for the most sensitive scalps.

Tips ...
... the hair dryer at high heat and placed very close to the scalp, dries the skin, leading to a stimulation of the production of sebum, and so the hair should be let to dry naturally.

How to use





Apply to wet hair and massage gently to avoid the stimulation of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Can be used with frequency.



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