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    Depuralina Lax transit 15tablets
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Depuralina - Lax transit 15tablets

Lax - Depuralina

in stock | expected delivery 24 Jun - 28 Jun
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    Depuralina Lax transit 30tablets
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Depuralina - Lax transit 30tablets

Lax - Depuralina

in stock | expected delivery 24 Jun - 28 Jun


Stress, infectious diseases, poor diet, low fiber intake, lack of exercise, low water consumption and use of drugs are a number of factors contribute to the sluggish bowels.

Depuralina Lax aims to be a fast and effective solution in the relief of constipation symptoms!

Triple Action:

  • laxative
  • better digestion
  • decreases the incidence of hemorrhoids or decreases their crises

Depuralina Lax has a combination of plants and fruits that allows a relief overnight:

Sanda, Rhamnus purshiana and Aloe Vera - contact laxatives for fast and effective results.
Fig, cherry and Kiwi (fibres) - laxative and bowel regulatory action.
FOS - benefiting the growth of intestinal flora.






1 tablet a day, at bedtime.


Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, in cases of intestinal obstruction or inflammatory colon diseases, in cardiac patients or children.


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