Cut for Reduced Appetite - Depuralina

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    Depuralina Cut for Reduced Appetite  84 caps.
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Depuralina - Cut for Reduced Appetite 84 caps.

Depuralina Cut - Depuralina

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Small but consecutive snacks between meals, are sins of voracious appetite that easily cause fast weight gain.

To resist temptations, the best solution is to control your appetite so that you feel satisfied with a healthy diet, eating only what your body needs during meals.

Take a healthy cut in your diet!

Depuralina Cut Anti-Snack formula is a dietary supplement that provides a solution for the control of appetite, by promoting satiety.

  • Glucomannan: appetite suppressant
  • Spirulina: satisfying
  • Rhamnus purshiana: promotes the proper bowel functioning.
  • Chromium: controls the level of carbohydrates in circulation.

Cut on the snacks! Never on your happiness!






6 capsules per day, taking 2 capsules before the 3 main meals, with at least 1 or 2 glasses of water.


Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, in cases of intestinal obstruction or inflammatory diseases of the colon, in heart patients and children under 12 years.

Not recomended for people with difficulty swallowing.

It's recommended to take with plenty of water to ensure that glucomannan reaches the stomach.



Food, vitamins and minerals
Food, vitamins and minerals
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