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    Dentaid Xeros spray for dry mouth or xerostomia 15ml
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Dentaid - Xeros spray for dry mouth or xerostomia 15ml

Xeros spray - Dentaid

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Stimulates saliva secretion, promoting oral cavity natural hydration.

Especially developed for people with dry mouth problems and/or salivary failure (total or partial action of salivary glands).

Hydration of  oral cavity at any time and place!!!

With malic acid (1%), xylitol (10%) and sodium fluoride (0,05%).

Moisturizing, reducing caries and enamel remineralization.

Convenient and practical application in spray.

Apple flavour.

How to use






3 or 4 sprays whenever necessary, especially before meals.

Xeros - Dentaid

Xerostomia (dry mouth) can be controlled by oral cavity hydration and natural saliva production stimulation. Dentaid developed Xeros, composed by betaine, xylitol, aloe vera, fluor,... especially suitable in this condition. Promotes oral cavity hydration and saliva production.


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