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Halita Tongue Cleaner - Dentaid

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    Dentaid Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 un (Assorted Colors)
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Dentaid - Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 un (Assorted Colors)

Halita Tongue Cleaner - Dentaid

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Allows a facilitated and efficient tongue cleaning. Avoids proliferation of microrganisms that causes halitosis.

Easy and efficient tongue cleaning...

2 distinct sides. Wavy to easy adaptation to tongue central depression. Smooth to clean tongue sides.

How to use






Stretch tongue and put tongue cleaner into mouth. Press tongue cleaner (wavy side) against central wall pulling to mouth front side. Use smooth side of tongue cleaner to clean tongue lateral sides.

At the end rinse mouth profusely with water and clean tongue cleaner very well.

Halita - Dentaid

Halitosis has many causes. One is the formation of microorganisms layer on the back of the tongue, forming volatile compounds of sulfur, causing unpleasant odor. Halita range controls halitosis.


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