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Talasso-scrub revitalizing exfoliating salts with essential oils - Collistar

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    Collistar Talasso-scrub revitalizing exfoliating salts 700g
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Collistar - Talasso-scrub revitalizing exfoliating salts 700g

Talasso-scrub sali esfolianti rigeneranti con oli essenziali - Collistar

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An innovative body scrub, with an unique and exclusive Collistar formulation!

Much more than a simple body scrub, Talasso-scrub revitalizing exfoliating salts represents a powerful revitalizing and restorative treatment for the skin, using the beneficial properties of the sea (thalassotherapy) and of the carefully selected essential oils (aromatherapy) to increase the exfoliation effects.

A sophisticated product very successful in Italy, which is now so close to you ❤

The product owes its effectiveness to the synergistic action of an unique combination of 90 types of sea salt with different particle sizes, skillfully combined with a rich blend of vegetable oils and pure aromatic essential oils, which act both on the skin and through the scent.


  • Sea salts with different sizes of beads
  • Avocado oil, macadamia, almond, kukui and soybean
  • Aromatic essential oils of orange, mint and rosemary.



How to use





Mix the product using the special spatula and massage the body, paying special attention to rougher parts (elbows, feet and knees).
Rinse under the shower. Apply to wet skin for a softer scrub and on dry skin for greater exfoliating action.
Should be applied once or twice a week.


Collistar, home spa!
Collistar, home spa!
Turn your bathroom into a true spa and enjoy professional care whenever you have a little time for yourself! Your skin will be grateful!

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