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Magic Drops Body-Legs Self-Tanning Concentrate - Collistar

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    Collistar Magic Drops Body-Legs 125 mL
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Collistar - Magic Drops Body-Legs 125 mL

Gocce Magiche Corpo-Gambe - Collistar



Magic Drops Body and Legs, a specialty with the same speed and effectiveness as Magic Drops for the Face, but with a texture and formula adapted to the body and legs.

Easy to apply on the body, it is absorbed instantly!

Light, dry, and delicately scented, this product moisturizes and leaves skin toned, flexible and smooth.

It provides the body and legs with an intense and luminous tan, in less than an hour, without the risk of unaesthetic stains.

How to use





Apply evenly to dry, clean skin.
Wash hands immediately after use.


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