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Step 2: exfoliating lotion for very oily skin - Clinique

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    Clinique Clarifying lotion 4 200ml
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Clinique - Clarifying lotion 4 200ml

Clarifying lotion 4 - Clinique

expected delivery 11 Oct - 13 Oct
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    Clinique Clarifying lotion 4 400ml
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Clinique - Clarifying lotion 4 400ml

Clarifying lotion 4 - Clinique

in stock | expected delivery 30 Sep - 04 Oct


For thicker and oily skin Clinique created Clarifying lotion 4.

The comfort for oily skin!

  • It is indicated for skins prone to large pores and skin rashes.
  • Its exfoliating action removes dead cells and the most stubborn make-up residue.
  • This product unclogs pores and provides a fresh and uniform skin, optimizing the rate of cell renewal.


Skin Type 4 - Oily: the skin has excess oil all over the face. T-zone, this excessive oiliness is very uncomfortable. It becomes very difficult to keep the makeup, it ends up disappearing quickly and accumulates in the corners.

How to Use






Apply the Clarifying Lotion after washing your face with bar or liquid soap twice a day: morning and evening.

Moisten a cotton ball in the lotion and pass it on face and neck once, avoiding the area around the eyes.

The second step to healthy skin

This essential step will restore the natural pH of the skin, refreshing and smoothing, preparing it for hydration.

It will act at the level of deep cleaning, remove toxins, improve microcirculation, eliminate waste accumulated in the pores, soften, soothe and refresh.


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