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    Clinique Powder Brush
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Clinique - Powder Brush

Powder Brush - Clinique

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The brush is the most appropriate way to apply makeup, because it ensures a flawless finishing.

A brush for a more perfect finishing!

Designed for applying loose powder and compact, this luxurious natural bristle brush makes the application of these easier care, helping to fix the makeup getting a stunning look.

His long cable coupled with the large amount of bristles, allow fill the face area correctly and accurately.

How to Use






Use with your preferred powder to cover the whole face with gentle movements.

Know more…

Full of glamor and elegance, the Clinique Makeup Brushes, are exceptional to apply your preferred makeup care.

Designed to provide a professional performance, accuracy and control, these brushes, composed of natural and synthetic bristles of high quality, offer a new concept: Anti-Microbial Technology, which protects the brush from mold accumulation, fungi and bacteria, thereby protecting the beauty of the skin.


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