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High Impact Extreme Volume Eyelashes Mascara - Clinique

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    Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume 10 mL
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Clinique - High Impact Extreme Volume 10 mL

High Impact Extreme Volume - Clinique

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With this mascara eyelashes remain voluminous throughout the day

A mask to give an extreme volume to your lashes!

This mega-volume mask has all the eyelashes has a new multi-dimensional applicator that comes in size XL, and has a larger surface which allows cover all eyelashes fast and easily.

The mascara is deposited at the root of eyelashes and "combed" to the tips, leaving them separated, stretched and raised.

The curved shape of the applicator tip allows to reach the smallest lashes.

The polymer base present on its formula helps to prepare the eyelashes and "open" the look. Coats the eyelashes and gives volume instantaneously, without the need for multiple layers.

How to Use






Apply on eyelashes in upward movements, with semi-closed eye.

Touch up the corners and lower lashes in the end.

Know more...

The main goal of each Clinique eyelashes masks is:

Naturally Glossy Mascara: natural effect

Long Pretty Lashes Mascara: stretching

Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula: long lasting

Lash Doubling Mascara: thicker eyelashes

High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara: definition

High Impact Mascara: volume

High Impact Curling Mascara: curled eyelashes.


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Everyday Make Up
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