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Foundation Brush - Clinique

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    Clinique Foundation Brush
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Clinique - Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush - Clinique

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To achieve a more even coverage of the face and prevent the transfer of dirt from the fingers to the face, it must be used the correct brush.

The ideal tool to apply your makeup products!

Elegant and luxurious, this flat and narrow shape brush was specially designed to apply foundation, either in liquid, as in cream or powder form.

Perfect for application of these care all over the face, including complicated areas such as eye outline, nose, mouth and the hair line.

How to Use






Liquid foundation: must apply a small amount of liquid foundation on the back of the hand, and dip the brush, then spreading across the face.

• cream or powder foundation: must move the brush in the compact surface and then apply on the face.

To apply on larger areas of the face, use broad strokes to cover the cheekbones, forehead, and chin. For more specific areas such as nose, mouth, eyes and the hair line, use the brush tip to achieve these narrow areas.

Know more…

Full of glamor and elegance, the Clinique Makeup Brushes, are exceptional to apply your preferred makeup care.

Designed to provide a professional performance, accuracy and control, these brushes, composed of natural and synthetic bristles of high quality, offer a new concept: Anti-Microbial Technology, which protects the brush from mold accumulation, fungi and bacteria, thereby protecting the beauty of the skin.


Dermablend vs dermablend 3d correction
Dermablend vs dermablend 3d correction
Meet the make-up foundation # 1 in the world, which hides perfectly blemishes, acne and tattoos!

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