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Eye Shader Brush - Clinique

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    Clinique Eye Shader Brush
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Clinique - Eye Shader Brush

Eye Shader Brush - Clinique



Use it to define and add drama to the look - or to blur and create a smoky eye.

Dare to new looks with this brush!

Developed to cover the entire eyelid, this eye brush from Clinique, of natural bristles, is perfect to apply the most basic and neutral tones.

How to Use






Pass the brush by your favorite shadow and apply to the mobile eyelid or around the eye, in case of neutral or lighter shade.

Know more…

Full of glamor and elegance, the Clinique Makeup Brushes, are exceptional to apply your preferred makeup care.

Designed to provide a professional performance, accuracy and control, these brushes, composed of natural and synthetic bristles of high quality, offer a new concept: Anti-Microbial Technology, which protects the brush from mold accumulation, fungi and bacteria, thereby protecting the beauty of the skin.


Smokey blue eye
Smokey blue eye
Learn how easy coulbe be do a smokey eye that every women loves.

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