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Aroma Relax Body Treatment Oil Soothing, Relaxing - Clarins

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    Clarins Aroma Relax Treatment Oil 100 mL
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Clarins - Aroma Relax Treatment Oil 100 mL

Aroma Huile Relax - Clarins

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Aroma Relax Treatment Oil is a very fluid body oil, penetrates immediately and does not stain, developed entirely by natural plants!

An oil that makes you feel like new, relaxed, nourished!

Body treatment oil, where the skin benefits from the undisputed effectiveness of each plant essences!
In addition, the fine texture of the Clarins oils allows tissues to absorb them quickly, without leaving any trace of oily.

-Relax after physical exercises.
-Combat fatigue, provides well-being and relaxation.
-Smoothes the skin.

Essential Oils: Basil, Chamomile and Bitter Orange (relax).
Hazelnut Oil (anti-dehydration).

How to use






Apply a small amount to damp skin all over the body, or locally to contracted areas (back of neck, back, solar plexus).


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