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Extra-firming mask 75ml - Clarins

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    Clarins Extra-Firming Mask
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Clarins - Extra-Firming Mask

Masque Multi-régénérant - Clarins

expected delivery 26 Oct - 28 Oct


Daily stress and fatigue can become visible on our skin in the form of expression lines, loss of firmness, and especially lack of luminosity.

Thinking about all these signs of tiredness, Clarins has created the Multi-régénérant extra firming mask, which allows you to smooth your facial expression, reduce  marks of tension, and restore skin's firmness; at the same time that it infuses the skin of luminosity.

Firmer and brighter skin, for a face noticeably younger.

This relaxing product contains green bananas extract, recognized for its soothing properties, and thyme extract, which helps prevent the loss of skin's firmness..

Also, the product's delicate mauve colour stimulates your senses, conveying an immediate sense of relaxation.

How to Use






Start by stimulating the skin for a few seconds with light taps using your fingertips.

Prepare two spoons of the product, and apply a thick layer over the entire cleansed face.

Let it act for 7 to 10 minutes, and at the end of that time press your forehead firmly with your fingertips, using the pinkies on the eyebrows.

Exert the same pressure on the temples and cheeks.

Let your chin resting in your palms, hands joined by the wrists.

Gently rub the excess product or remove it using a tissue or a cotton swab soaked in lotion.


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