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Masvelt body shaping cream - Clarins

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    Clarins Masvelt body shaping cream 200ml
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Clarins - Masvelt body shaping cream 200ml

Clarins - Clarins masvelt body shaping cream




Slimming and firming treatment, firmes the skin and reduces the rebel fats, especially the waist, belly, hips, arms and knees!

A body you always dreamed of, with the least effort possible!

Through the effectiveness of your formula, rich in plant extracts, the Masvelt body care has an exceptional multi-reduction action:

  • Poppy and Caffeine, inhibit fat storage and encourage the reduce  of deposits and rebels fats;
  • Quince Bio, stimulates collagen synthesis;
  • Hibiscus Flower, very gently exfoliates the skin to soften and make the skin thinner grain.


The skin immediately looks smoother, softer and embellished!
Day after day the rebel fats are reduced, firms and tones the skin.

Masvelt cream associates still the charm of your fondant and fresh texture especially designed to facilitate and speed up the procedure massage slimming.
One finds the pleasure of a sleeker silhouette and a smoother skin!

How to Use






Apply a Masvelt nut with specific massages in the areas affected.


Best of clarins!

last update: 11 March 2018

Best of clarins!
A brand constantly updated and innovative for continuous improvement of beauty care to meet the different needs of every skin type

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