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Eau ressourçante silky-smooth body cream - Clarins

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    Clarins Eau ressourçante silky-smooth body cream 200ml
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Clarins - Eau ressourçante silky-smooth body cream 200ml

Clarins - Eau ressourçante crème corps velouté




Unctuous and generous, this cream makes an irresistible velvety touch on your skin, moisturizing it optimally!

Consume without hesitation, for the care of your skin!


The fragrant notes evolve and involve your body with a soft serenity!
Apply with light hair relaxers.

- Essential Aromatic Oils Eau Ressourçante treatment;
- Plants Odorants that offer it's virtues of treatment;
- Sarsaparilla, Hibiscus: moisturizers;
- Acacia Robinia: soothing;
- Litchi: stimulating.


This care for the body provides a pleasant sensation of well-being and relaxation!

How to Use





Apply the moisturizer through smooth moves throughout the body in the morning and/or evening in the bath or shower and when the skin is dehydrated.


Bath ritual!

last update: 23 March 2018

Bath ritual!
Make your daily shower a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation with the right products! Get to know what they are!

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