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N19 eau de parfum - Chanel

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    Chanel Nº19 eau de parfum 100ml
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Chanel - Nº19 eau de parfum 100ml

Chanel - Chanel nº19 eau de parfum





N°19 is the other great number from Chanel. 

It is a tribute to the day that Gabrielle Chanel was born: August 19, 1883.

Arose from Coco to create a timeless fragrance like Chanel Nº5.

This idea at first met some resistance from the incredulity of coexist a fragrance so extraordinary as Chanel Nº5.

However Gabrielle Chanel did not give up and requested Henri Robert a composition with such a strong personality and irreverent as Chanel Nº5.

A few weeks after Mademoiselle Chanel  passed away, and this amazing composition won the number 19.

"To be irreplaceable, you must be different!"*
by Coco Chanel


Chanel nº19 Eau de Parfum

Nº19 is the last masterpiece of extraordinary, bold and radiant female personality that was Gabrielle Chanel.

Acquiring a very unique and totally different composition of the iconic Chanel Nº5, Chanel Nº19 is an olfactory composition with a contrasting accord of green and powdery notes. 

The green and vibrant Galbanum notes blend with the Iris powdery notes finding a perfect balance.

An uncompromising composition, such was Mademoiselle.

Olfactory Atmosphere






A daring floral-woody-green fragrance that plays with contrasts. A perfect balance between the vibrant, green notes of Galbanum and the soft, powdery notes of Iris Pallida. A rich, smooth variation with a greater floral dimension, heightened by Ylang-Ylang, Lily-of-the-Valley and Rose. 



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