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Draining organic herbal teas - Caudalie

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    Caudalie Draining herbal teas 20unit x 30g
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Caudalie - Draining herbal teas 20unit x 30g

Caudalie - Tisanes bio drainantes




For all those who wish to indulge yourself with a delicious tea, fruit-flavored and with beneficial effects for the line.

A moment of pleasure for you and your line

Tasty mixture of 5 100% organic plants, these herbal teas draining were exclusively biological created for the "Tisanaria" of Vinothérapie ® Spas.

Accelerate the elimination of water and toxins, providing an immediate sense of well-being.

Products from organic farming. Ecocert Certified F32600 SAS.

100% natural, AB/Ecocert certification.

How to use






At any time of the day.

Take a sachet of tea to infuse in a cup of water, boil and enjoy hot or cold, or put 3 sachets in an infusion in 1.5 liter of water, even cold.

Drink throughout the day.

Slimming program - Caudalie

The processing of Vinothérapie spas suggest the slimming program of Caudalie.

This line of 3 slimming cares ("Contouring concentrate", "Crushed cabernet scrub", "Draining herbal teas") combine the ability of the professional treatment and the pleasure of the senses.

Aromatic care slim and sublimate the silhouette.

Exceptional results of the program: up to - 3.8 cm in thigh circumference *.
* Clinical test goal Slimming, 18 volunteers, 28 days, conducted by an independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Health.




Anti-fat supplements to recover the line silhouette

last update: 22 September 2020

Anti-fat supplements to recover the line silhouette
When it comes to recovering from the excesses of the festive season, we give a help, with the best products on the market!

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