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  • Masks are a great way to pamper your hair and give it the nourishment it needs to look its best. They provide an extra dose of nutrition and hydration to help restore damaged, dry, or depleted hair. Using a mask once a week, in place of your regular conditioner, will give your hair the ultimate hydration boost. At SweetCare, discover the best hair masks in the market and achieve the hair of your dreams!

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    1. Olaplex - Nº 8 Intense Moisture Mask 100mL
    2. Klorane - Prickly Pear Mask 250mL
    3. Kativa - Straightening Post Treatment Shampoo 250mL + Conditioner 250mL + Mascara 250mL 1 un.
    4. Klorane - Hair Mask 3 in 1 Cupuaçu Butter Bio Nourishing and Repairing 150mL
    5. SweetCare - Beauty Edit Hydration Shot 1 un.
    6. Bioscalin - Nova Genina Mask 200mL
    7. K18 - Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask 15mL
    8. K18 - Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask 50mL
    9. Rated Green - Real Mary Purifying Scalp Scaler 50mL
    10. Lazartigue - High Nutrition Mascara with Shea Butter for Dry and Thick Hair 250mL
    11. Olaplex - Nº 4-In Moisture Mask 370mL
    12. Sebastian - Dark Oil Lightweight Mask 500mL
    13. Elvive - Elvive Full Resist Power Hair Mask 680mL
    14. Rated Green - Cold Brew Rosemary Balancing Scalp 50mL
    15. Elvive - Glycolic Gloss Lamination Treatment 200mL
    16. Phyto - Couleur Color Extend Mask 200mL
    17. Phyto - Volume Volumizing Conditioner 150mL
    18. Phyto - Nourishment Ultra Nourishing Mask 200mL
    19. René Furterer - Color Glow Mask 200mL
    20. Maria Nila - True Soft Masque 250mL
    21. Klorane - Mask with Mango Butter for Dry Hair 150mL
    22. Rated Green - Cold Press Avocado Nourishing Scalp 200mL
    23. Klorane - Galanga Powder Mask 8x3g


      Galanga Powder Mask 8x3g

      $ 14.57 $ 24.29 

    24. Maria Nila - Sheer Silver Booster Masque 50mL
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