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  • Sweating is a normal activity that helps regulate our body temperature, but it may also cause body odor, which is uncomfortable and can impact our confidence. Deodorants are an important part of our daily hygiene practice since they help neutralize the bacteria that produce body odor while also providing us with long-lasting protection and a pleasant scent. Sweetcare's selection of deodorants includes products from top brands such as Vichy, La Roche-Posay, and Nuxe. These deodorants are formulated with a variety of ingredients, such as aluminum salts, zinc oxide, and probiotics, to provide long-lasting odor protection and care for sensitive skin.

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    1. SweetCare - Beauty Edit Head to Toe 1 un.
    2. Vichy - DĂ©o Antiperspirant 48H Sensitive Skin 50mL
    3. LancĂ´me - Bocage Deodorant Cream 50mL
    4. Vichy - DĂ©o Antiperspirant Treatment 48H Intense Perspiration 50mL
    5. Payot - DĂ©odorant Roll-On Douceur Alcohol-Free 75mL
    6. Vichy - Stress Resist Antiperspirant Treatment 72H 50mL
    7. Perspirex - Perspirex Strong Antiperspirant Roll-On 20mL
    8. Martiderm - Driosec Intensive Underarm and Groins Deodorant and Antiperspirant 50mL
    9. Uriage - Eau Thermale Power 3 Deodorant 50mL
    10. Eucerin - Deodorant Anti-Perspirant 48H Roll On 50mL
    11. L'Occitane - Verbena the Incredible Deodorant Recipe 50g
    12. Ducray - Hidrosis Antiperspirant Roll-On for Armpits 40mL
    13. SVR - Spirial Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream 50mL
    14. Roc - Keops Deodorant Roll-On 2x30 mL 1 un.
    15. Nuxe - Nuxe Body Balm Deodorant 50g
    16. Vichy - Clinical Control 96H Antiperspirant 50mL
    17. CaudalĂ­e - Vinofresh Natural Deodorant Stick 50g
    18. Perspirex - Perspirex Comfort Antiperspirant Roll-On Extra Comfort, Sensible Armpits 20mL
    19. Sesderma - Dryses Antitranspirant Solution 100mL
    20. SVR - Spirial Extreme Intensive De-Perspitant 20mL
    21. Perspirex - Perspirex Original Antiperspirant Roll-On Extra Comfort, Excessive Sweat 20mL
    22. SVR - Spirial Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On 50mL
    23. Roc - Keops Stick Deodorant 2x40 mL 1 un.
    24. Sol de Janeiro - Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Cheirosa 62 57g
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