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Thermoscan 7 age precision - Braun

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    Braun Thermoscan 7 age precision 1un.
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Braun - Thermoscan 7 age precision 1un.




As a child grows older, the definition of "normal" body temperature tends to change.

Aware of this, Braun experts created the Thermoscan 7 infrared thermometer; which allows you to interpret your child's temperature more confidently.

Select the age, measure temperature and interpret result thanks to color coding!

To ensure superior measurement accuracy, the thermometer tip is heated before use.

The ExacTemp® guidance system confirms that the thermometer is in the correct position, indicating compliance by a light and an audible signal.

It reads temperature in seconds for maximum comfort!






  • Thermometer;
  • Protection dock;
  • 2 AA batteries;
  • Protection tips;
  • Instruction manual.

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