Icheck 7 1un wrist tensiometer - Braun

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    Braun Icheck 7 1un wrist tensiometer 1un.
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Braun - Icheck 7 1un wrist tensiometer 1un.

Braun - Braun icheck® 7 wrist blood pressure monitor




Your smart wrist tensiometer!

iCheck 7 ensures effective monitoring of your cardiovascular health by delivering accurate, color-coded results.

With a minimalist and discreet design!

Its positioning system ensures perfect wrist alignment at heart level, ensuring the accuracy of each measurement.

Soft Inflation technology, which makes each measurement more comfortable and fast allies to a soft textured and elegant fabric that fits perfectly around your wrist.

Memory for 100 measurements.

Access to the Healthy Heart app app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.






  • Tensiometer;
  • 2 x AA batteries;
  • Instruction manual.

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