Activscan 9 arm tensiometer - Braun

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    Braun Activscan 9 arm tensiometer 1un.
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Braun - Activscan 9 arm tensiometer 1un.

Braun - Braun activscan™ 9 upper arm blood pressure monitor




A comfortable and intuitive ternsiometer that allows you to record your measurements on a calendar!

The Activscan 9 arm tensiometer has a minimalist design combined with the exceptional quality of Braun devices.

Results are color coded, and you can check them wherever and whenever you want on your smartphone!

Its sleeve combines Soft Inflation technology, which makes measurement more comfortable and fast, with a soft textured and elegant fabric that fits around your arm perfectly.

This device also has an irregular beat detection system, which alerts you in case of arrhythmia.

To facilitate monitoring, your software also allows you to calculate the average systolic, diastolic and pulse values ​​of the last 7 days.

Memory for 200 measurements in 2 users.

Healthy Heart app is compatible with iOS and Android.






  • Tensiometer;
  • Cuff;
  • 4 AA batteries;
  • Instruction manual.

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