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Reducing Cream for Body Hair - Bioxet

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    Bioxet Reducing Cream for Body Hair 130 mL
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Bioxet - Reducing Cream for Body Hair 130 mL

Reducing Cream for Body Hair - Bioxet

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Reducing cream for body hair 
A revolutionary and effective solution!

Reduces and weakens unwanted body hair!

Made from natural extracts, BIOXET permanently reduces and weakens hair permanently!

Easy to use provides long lasting results with continued use.

Of improved efficacy due to its new formula, this cream has a new fragrance so it can be used on all parts of the body!


How to use





Remove unwanted hair from the root using your preferred method (wax, tweezers etc.) and thoroughly wash the area to be treated.
Apply a sufficient amount of BIOXET cream in the clean area, massaging with circular movements from the bottom up until complete absorption.
Apply BIOXET every night at bedtime until the coat reaches a sufficient length to repeat the procedure from the beginning.


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