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Aquatic lotion aftershave - Biotherm Homme

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    Biotherm Homme Aquatic lotion aftershave 200ml
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Biotherm Homme - Aquatic lotion aftershave 200ml

Biotherm Homme - Homme apres-rasage aquatic lotion

Biotherm Homme



To give back your skin's confort after shaving, while it's moisturized and softened.

The Homme aquatic lotion aftershave  is truly revolutionary product, which will change your daily routine!

Fresh, soothing and smooth!

It's gel texture becomes a liquid during the application; being specially practical to use.

With a formulation containing allantoin, Life Plankton and urea, which are able to sooth the sensations of irritation, redness and burning that are common after shaving; this lotion is suitable for all skin types and for all ages.

How to Use

Biotherm Homme





Apply directly after shaving, pounding lightly with your fingertips.


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