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Celluli eraser slimming gel - Biotherm

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    Biotherm Celluli eraser slimming gel 200ml
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Biotherm - Celluli eraser slimming gel 200ml

Biotherm - Celluli eraser




Cellulite reducer concentrate.

Visibly reduces cellulite in just 14 days!

Contains caffeine and Coralline seaweed extract which stimulate the fat elimination, preventing simultaneously the formation of new fat storage cells.

How to use





Apply morning and/or evening on the affected areas. Massage in circular movements until gel total absorption.

Body sculpter | Celluli eraser | Celluli laser - Biotherm

These 3 cares provides intense and express results. Using the latest innovative technology aloowing slimming and reducing visible results, focusing on problem areas such as waistline, hips and thighs. Light and fresh texture makes the application process more easy and a pleasure.



last update: 04 February 2020

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