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Blue therapy eye-opening serum - Biotherm

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    Biotherm Blue therapy eye-opening serum 16.5ml
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Biotherm - Blue therapy eye-opening serum 16.5ml

Biotherm - Blue therapy yeux




The eye contour area is the first to show the signs of aging, since the skin is especially thin and it's often subject to tension resulting from facial expressions.

These signs of aging result in the apparent reduction of your eyes due to loss of firmness of the eyelids, swelling and the appearance of wrinkles.

To counter this phenomenon, Biotherm developed the Blue therapy firming serum for eye contour.

Firmer and decongested lids, resulting in a more open and bright look.

Its formula contains algae extracts, flavonoids, and moisturising sugars; which together with caffeine; provide these actions.

With a light and fresh texture, this serum will allow serum to eliminate the swelling and the dark hue from your eye contour; thus illuminating and beautifying your entire face.

Hydrated and toned, your eye contour area will give you a more youthful appearance.

How to Use






Open and remove the excess product along the neck of the bottle in a circular motion.

Slide the bead around the eye contour area to freshen and decongest.


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