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Photoderm bronz oral oxidative stress suplement - Bioderma

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    Bioderma Photoderm bronz oral 30capsules
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Bioderma - Photoderm bronz oral 30capsules

Bioderma - Photoderm bronz oral




Photoderm Bronz Oral provides the skin with optimal nutritional values to prepare it for sun exposure and enhance the tan.

Bronz Photoderm Oral is recommended for:

  • obtaining a slightly brown tone;
  • preparing the skin for sun exposure;
  • in cases of difficult tan;
  • situations that produce free radicals (sun exposure, pollution, sport, smoking).

Nutritional supplement rich in Omega-3

The synergistic combination of four additional active ingredients, promotes and enhances the natural tan, even in a reduced sun exposure:

  • green tea extract;
  • fish oil;
  • derivative of copper;
  • beta-carotene;
  • tomato extract;
  • vitamin C and E.

Fish oils, rich in essential fatty acids - Omega 3 - help fight the free radicals generated by the sun wich are responsible for premature skin aging.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids, optimize skin hydration.


How to use






1 capsule daily at breakfast or lunch during the meal.

Photoderm Oral acts on the face and body during sun exposing, even if moderate.

Note: it is essential to apply a sunscreen before sun exposure!


Hello tan skin!

30 October 2015

Hello tan skin!
Find out how easy can be having a tan skin all year! Tips for an amazing tan.

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