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Cicabio lotion repair damaged and irritated skin - Bioderma

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    Bioderma Cicabio drying reparing lotion 40ml
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Bioderma - Cicabio drying reparing lotion 40ml

Bioderma - Cicabio lotion reparatrice assechante

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    Bioderma Cicabio drying reparing lotion spray 40ml
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Bioderma - Cicabio drying reparing lotion spray 40ml

Bioderma - Cicabio spray lotion reparatrice assechante




The first care first aid for skin damaged, irritated and exuding that accompanies all stages of healing.

Indicated in exudatives lesions, Cicabio lotion, dries completely prone to irritations maceration by combining resveratrol, centella asiatica and dry powders.

It aims each step of repair of damaged and irritated skin, by promoting a perfectly restored skin.

Relief and repair of the skin

 The copper and zinc sulfate prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

 The exclusive patent Antalgicine, an innovation BIODERMA, quickly alleviates the feeling of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch.

Its recommended:

  • Varicella;
  • Herpes;
  • Dermatitis of diaper;
  • Impetigo

How to use





Shake the bottle of Cicabio lotion spray before using.

Use twice a day until the skin is completely repaired, on both the face and body.

Suitable for babies, children and adults.

Should not be used on mucous membranes or internal bleeding lesions.


Damaged skin

16 May 2016

Damaged skin
Cicaplast Baume B5: For adult or kids skin, which is damaged.

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