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Glucosamine dual, cartilage and bones - BioActivo

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    BioActivo Glucosamine dual 60pills
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BioActivo - Glucosamine dual 60pills

BioActivo - Bioactivo glucosamina duplo




As we age and under certain conditions, such as osteoarthritis or wear caused by excess weight, we lose some Glucosamine and other substances of cartilage.

This loss can lead to the reduction of cartilage and the appearance and progression of arthritis (joint inflammation).

The Glucosamine is needed for the construction and maintenance of the connective tissue and lubricating fluids in the body, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone, skin, synovial fluid, etc.

Helps the body to generate and regenerate the connective tissue, which is characteristic of particular interest to older people, whose joints tend to deteriorate as a result of physical exertion and wear, or even by inflammatory conditions that reduce the cartilage.

When the joints are wear

In the Bioactive Glucosamine Dual is combined with Chondroitin, a natural constituent of cartilage, bone and other connective tissues, which helps maintaining the natural lubricant viscosity of the joint, synovial fluid, besides stimulating cartilage repair mechanisms.

The dosage per tablet is 500mg of Glucosamine + Chondroitin 400mg.

The synovial fluid becomes less viscous with age, predisposing the cartilage of the joints to greater wear.

In addition, the combination of Glucosamine with Chondroitin, inhibits the enzymes that damage the cartilage.







Take 2 tablets per day, during the meal, with water.


People allergic to shellfish may have an allergic reaction to take Glucosamine, Double Bioactive since Glucosamine is extracted from shellfish.



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