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Bio-Garlic Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Circulation - BioActivo

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    BioActivo Garlic  60 caps.
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BioActivo - Garlic 60 caps.

Bioactive Garlic - BioActivo

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Scientific studies have shown that garlic protects the cardiovascular system.

Bioactive Garlic reduces the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, in cases which are not required other forms of medical treatment.

Bioactive Garlic garlic is a natural product, containing exactly the same active ingredients found in fresh garlic.

Keep the heart and blood vessels healthy

Without garlic breath.

The active substance of garlic, allicin, occurs when an enzyme called alinase converts the sulfurous amino acid alina.

The Bioactive Tablet garlic, alina and alinase are separated: the pill is protected by a thin film (enteric) which prevents its dissolution and the interaction between ingredients before reaching the small intestine. When the Tablet reaches the small intestine, the enteric coating dissolves and the active ingredients form the active ingredient allicin, which gives garlic its characteristic odour.

Separating the active ingredients and keeping them until they reach the intestine not only minimizes the garlic breath, but also provides a great absorption of the sulphuric compounds actives, allowing the organism to benefit from maximum levels of biological activity.







Take 1 pill per day, during the meal, with water.

Why choose Bioactive Garlic?

In addition to confirm the benefits of garlic for health, recent scientific studies have revealed sharp differences among the various garlic products.

The level of alina, the active substance of garlic, can vary considerably.

The higher is the content of alina, more potent is the garlic. Garlic is a bioactive product specifically developed by Pharma Nord using the latest scientific research.

The product contains garlic powder and dry standardized extract from the bulbs of garlic, Allium sativum. Each tablet contains 300 mg of concentrated garlic powder, being standardized to contain 4 mg of alina pure for pills.



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