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    BioActivo Bio-Fiber  60 pills
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BioActivo - Bio-Fiber 60 pills

Bioactive Bio-Fiber - BioActivo

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The digestive system is favored with the ingestion of fibers, water and exercising.

100 years ago, the whole grains, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables were the primary component of the daily diet.

However, with a greater mechanization of the food industry, the fibers content of the food we eat has been declining.

Much of the modern diet consists of processed foods with little, or none, fiber content and the intestinal transit is conditioned.

When the digestive system needs help ...

Optimize fiber ingestion

Bioactive Bio-Fiber is a fiber pill, developed according to the latest scientific discoveries regarding the effects of fiber in our health.

This product compensates the low content of fiber in modern foods,a problem that, according to nutritionists, is responsible for a large number of diseases in Western countries.

Bioactive Fiber contains 520mg of dietary fiber.

More importantly is the combination of various kinds of fibres: Bioactive Fiber consists of a balanced blend of the four types of fibres, namely cellulose (23%) and hemicellulose (48 percent), lignin (4%) and pectin (25%) in a form easy to swallow.







Start the treatment with 4 pills per day, before the meal, with a big glass of water.

If necessary the dosage may increased up to a maximum of 12 tablets a day.



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