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    BioActivo Bio-Chromium  60 pills
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BioActivo - Bio-Chromium 60 pills

Bioactive Bio-Chromium - BioActivo

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You can maintain the ideal weight without strict diets, only by taking a chromium supplement.

Blood sugar stabilization

According to several scientific studies, the chromium deficiency negatively influences the body's ability to control blood sugar levels.

Many people with low levels of chromium get hungry after meals, spontaneously and unjustified. Sudden drops in blood sugar levels may be responsible for this not required craving.

By taking a chromium supplement, the body adjusts more easily the blood sugar level, which, in turn, inhibits the "desire" of sweets, chocolates or interspersed meals.

Craving for sweets...
A diet low in chromium may be a factor of weight gain

For some people, having "low blood sugar" is just a phenomenon of mere hysteria, but the truth is that a large number of people suffers from serious symptoms that can be directly related to this low blood sugar.

Some of the most common symptoms are:
• Headache
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Changes of mood/irritability
• Tremors
• Vertigo

These symptoms usually appear a few hours after meals also causing hunger, irritability or palpitations. Some people feel dizzy or nauseous.

These situations usually disappear after eating something sweet like a piece of chocolate, but this can lead to weight gain in long term.







Take 1 pill per day, during the meal, with water.

Why the choice of Bioactive Chromium?

There are two types of chromium: organic and inorganic.

Scientific studies show that the organic chromium provides availability and effects much better than inorganic chromium.

The human body absorbs only about 1% of the inorganic chromium.

Despite this biological fact, a large number of dietary supplements contain inorganic chromium.

BioActive Bio-Chromium contains organic chromium, being constantly in development, guided by leading experts in nutrition.



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