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Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo Cream - Bella Aurora

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    Bella Aurora Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo Cream 30 mL
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Bella Aurora - Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo Cream 30 mL

Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo - Bella Aurora

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Bella Aurora


Depigmenting of dark spots due to sun exposure or age: brown or very dark, flat, rounded and oval of irregular edges. They appear isolated or grouped and are formulated by the accumulation of two pigments in the skin: melanin and lipofuscin.

Reduces and eliminates existing stains and prevents their appearance!

Bio 10 forte l-tigo has a combination of assets incorporating B-CORE 221 TM depigmenting technology, a targeted encapsulation and release system. Acts directly on melanin-producing cells, providing depigmenting action more quickly and effectively.

With kojic acid, inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase that triggers the production of melanin; vitamin C, with antioxidant and neutralizing action of free radicals, sclareolide that prevents pigmentation induced by external agents (UV radiation, blue light and contamination) and the liposomal system of watercress extract that reduces melanin, in addition to antioxidant properties and soy isoflavone that acts on the damaged proteins of lipofuscin.

Suitable for skins concerned with dark spots of sun origin and age.

How to use
Bella Aurora





Apply a small amount on the face and neck perfectly clean, performing a circular massage until complete absorption.

Isn't photosensitizing and can be used throughout the year and is adapted to pregnant women and in breastfeeding.


bio10 forte, the Revolution in Skin Depigmentation
bio10 forte, the Revolution in Skin Depigmentation
Eliminating skin blemishes in just four weeks is possible with Bella Aurora's line of bio10 forte depigmenting treatments, a leading brand in skin depigmentation.
Bella Aurora launches its first cosmetic treatment for white spots on the skin!

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