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Babysense 7 micro-movement monitor

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    Babysense Babysense 7 micro-movement monitor
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Babysense - Babysense 7 micro-movement monitor

Babysense - Babysense Breathing Movement Monitor




Babysense is the first apnea monitor for babies, for domestic use.
Created in 1991, it's internationally certified as a medical device, and is registered in Infarmed and in the Pharmacies National Association.

During the first year of life (0-12 months), many infants have episodes of irregular breathing and may even stop breathing.
This phenomenon is not well explained yet and can happen to any baby, term or premature, healthy or not...

By motion detection, Babysense alerts in the case of the baby stops moving, or when the breathing becomes unusually slow.
This can be a sign of apnea which is considered a cause of the SuddenInfantDeathSyndrome (SIDS).

The Babysense may also detect irregular breathing patterns caused by colds, hay fever and other diseases.

The microprocessor installed in Babysense control unit is constantly monitoring the baby's movements, even the smallest ones!

If there is no movement for 20 seconds, or if it drops below 10 micro-movements per minute the alarm goes on!

The Babysense comes with two sensors which are placed under the mattress to achieve the highest sensitivity to every slight movement, without touching the baby.
This system allows a secure control without compromising the mobility or comfort of your baby.
During the first three months it is used only one sensor, because the baby does not yet roll over or crawl on the bed​.

Once the baby starts to move, place the second sensor to cover the entire area of ​​the cradle to catch every vibration along the dimension of the mattress.
It minimizes false alarms when the child begins to move in the cradle, since the two sensor plates cover the entire area has the largest footprint of all similar monitors.

Both sensors are connected to the control unit, which are also the batteries that power the monitor.
There is no connection to an external power source, therefore there is no risk of electrocution.
The sensors do not carry or emit any energy. A red light flashes when the batteries need to be changed - lasting about six months.

If the breathing stops, the monitor beeps 85dB, loud enough to be heard in any room of a house, even when the baby's room door is closed.

The monitor can be perfectly used in the carrycot.
(As long as the platform of the carrycot is flat and a stable surface, which is something essential for the monitor to operate properly.)
In this situation it is used only one sensor.

Battery operated, the plates are connected to the receiver or parents unit through a "Rita" connector (the same type as the analog phone connection).
This type of connection does not suffer any interference with other devices such as, for example, mobile phones.

Detects the breathing movements even if the bed is placed have a urine's waterproof cover.

The thickness of the mattress is not a problem for Babysense.
According to the manufacturer, on average, mattresses are between 13-15 cm maximum and all the sensors work well.
The manufacturer's recommendation is that the mattresses used is not filled by straw or polystyrene foam (Styrofoam).

Premature or high-risk babies require the supervision of a health professional or a doctor!









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